Conjunction (संयोग)

Who am I? Nonphilosophically.

I'm not gonna start by answering the question in the title of this post because I think the actual question I should start by answering is why I want a blog in the first place. I've wanted to start a blog for a while now, mainly to keep track of the various thoughts and ideas I have without restricting myself or forcing myself to write any given amount. I feel like it could be a useful tool to look back across my blog's history and see how my ideas have changed. I've noticed that it was really only in the past couple years that I started forming long-term philosophical ideas about the world and those ideas have continually shifted since then. So the main purpose of this blog is to keep track of my thoughts.

Now to answer the original question, I like to think that I'm a pretty multifaceted person. I have a lot of interests that I could lay out right here if I wanted or I could keep it a surprise for my, as of now, 1 reader (myself). Yeah that doesn't make sense. I'll just outline a non-exhaustive list of my interests and potential future writing topics:

Linguistics (Morphosyntax, Semantics, Psycholinguistics, Conlangs), Philosophy (Political, Ethical, Logic), Genetics (Archaeogenetics, Phylogenetics, Bioengineering), Poetry (Sanskrit, Classical Chinese), History (Early Modern British Isles, Classical Eurasia, Pre-historic West Eurasia), Armchair Theoretical Physics, Neuroscience, Psychedelics, Psychology, Anthropology, Sociology, and of course, Computer Science (AI, ML, FP)

I don't want this post to take a philosophical turn, but I think it is interesting to note that one of the first things I go to when asked to define myself are my academic interests. I guess another lens could be through a bit of my life history so far:

I grew up in a Silicon Valley immigrant family, always loved absorbing information, thought I was gonna go into biology or another natural science for a bit, discovered coding in 10th grade, became obsessed with hackathons and student-led startups, graduated high school, and am now at UCSC as a first-year Computer Engineering major.

Life is pretty good at the moment. I have CalHacks at Berkeley tomorrow. I'm not sure when my next post will be but hopefully it'll be easier now because I finished writing the actual React code for this page. Probably won't be this long but I mainly just wanna get that conlang down formally on paper.